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Evo Studio Email Services

Yes we do. We offer IMAP/POP3 email service for $1 per month, per account.

This is a fraction of the cost and headaches of running an email server within your own office. 
It is also much less expensive (1/5th the cost) of using GMail or Microsoft Office 365 for email at your domain name.

Yes. You can create accounts, delete accounts, create group accounts, create forwards at no charge, set auto-responders, and change account passwords on your own.

Yes. It includes webmail that you can access at We can help you setup the DNS to make that happen.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a list of email addresses that you will need. 
  2. Choose who will be administrators from that list.
  3. Make sure that you create a NEW password for each email account.
  4. Think about any group accounts you will want (sales@, info@,  support@, etc.)
  5. Send us that list, so that we can setup the accounts on our email service.
  6. Make sure you have access to your domain name's DNS records (more on this below).
  7. Choose a date where you will switch email service over (like a Friday). 
  8. Change the DNS MX (mail exchanger) record, which points your email to the new service. We can help here. 
  9. Enter DNS records for your webmail, and an address for your new mail service ( to make Outlook setup easier.
  10. Udpate your computers, and cell phones to check email at the new service. 

All Domain names point to a DNS Server. Yours does too.

  • When you registered your domain name, you had to point it to a DNS server somewhere. Usually at your host. 
  • You can see your current DNS server entries on your domain by going to and entering your domain name in the seach box. 
  • At the bottom of your public domain record, you will see 2-4 name server addresses.
  • They usually look like "", but they can also look very different. 

DNS Servers Hold Your DNS Records

  • The DNS server is like the "traffic cop" for your domain, and it points traffic like email to a specific place that you (or your IT company) can control. 
  • For email, every domain name has a special record called an "MX Record". 
  • Simply changing the MX record will point your email service to a new provider. 

Yes. We use Amazon Route 53 for DNS service and we love it. We can set you up on that service very quickly to get you off of your old provider. 

Using GMail or Office 365 at Your Domain Name

Yes. Both services cost $5 per user, per month at your domain name. 

We can help you setup your DNS service (or ours) to upgrade your email service at no cost.